Submit the state application to the board of nursing where you wish to be licensed which can be found on the state board of nursing website.

State Licensure and Certification by Program – click here.

Application Process for Ohio Board of Nursing

1. Completion of the Application

For traditional Bachelor Degree Students, Use College Code: US20510000 (The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences – BSN)

For Accelerated Bachelor Degree Students, Use College Code: US20510600 (The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences – Accelerated -BS )

The application for Nurse Licensure by Examination in Ohio is available on the OBN website at Licensure and Renewal.

  • All license and certificate applications must be submitted online.

  • You will be required to register with a new user account profile the first time you apply for a license or certificate in Ohio.

  • No paper applications or payment will be accepted.

  • Submit the completed application electronically to the Ohio Board of Nursing (OBN) as required by the Board with the applicable licensure fee, as set forth in Section 4723.08 of the Revised Code

  • Costs associated with the application are subject to change and are the responsibility of the student. The current cost is $75.00

2. Completion of Background Check

  • Submit to FBI (federal) and BCI (civilian) background checks that result in findings that the applicant has not been convicted of, pled guilty to, or had a judicial finding of guilt for any violation set forth in Section 4723.09 of the Revised Code;

  • The applicant must request that **BOTH **reports be sent to the Board **DIRECTLY **from BCI, or they will not be accepted by the Board.

  • Locate information regarding the Background Check at

  • Costs associated with the background checks are subject to change and are the responsibility of the student. The cost is dependent on location. Typical cost is $70.00

3. Completion of Pearson Vue Registration

  • Complete the registration process for examination required by Pearson VUE, the testing service that administers the NCLEX Exam. Visit to review the most up to date candidate bulletin.

  • The NCLEX examination fee is approximately $200. Costs associated with the NCLEX-RN® are subject to change and are the responsibility of the student.

4. Completion of Program Requirements

  • After the completion of all program requirements have been verified, the Department of Nursing will submit the Certification of Program Completion Letter. The Department of Nursing will submit this Letter of Completion within four weeks of graduation.

The name on the program completion letter must match the name on your application for licensure. The name on your diploma is the name that we use on the completion letters. Make sure that you use the same name on your application.

5. Authorization To Test (ATT)

  • After all applications and fees have been received, the student will receive an Authorization to Test (ATT) number.

  • This number is used to register for a test date with Pearson VUE.

6. Accommodations for the NCLEX-RN® Exam

  • In accordance with requirements of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (, the OBN has developed a procedure for maintaining the psychometric integrity of the examination while responding to the special needs of applicants with disabilities who are eligible for admission to the NCLEX-RN® exam.

  • Disabilities should be brought to the Board’s attention as early as possible (6 months preferred) before the time the applicant wishes to test.

  • All correspondence and inquiries should be addressed to the Operations Manager at the Ohio Board of Nursing, 77 South High Street, Columbus, OH 43266-0316, 614/466-9800.

If you plan to become licensed in a state other than Ohio, you will need to follow that state’s guidelines for licensure but the NCLEX registration/examination is the same for all states.

State of Indiana

Complete state application: Fee: $50.00
Include a photograph, affixed to the application with the school seal, the signature of the candidate, and signature of the Dean/Director/Designee on the lower front of the photograph.

Get Requirement Information by clicking here:

State of Kentucky

Complete state application: Fee $125.00

Complete Kentucky Background Check. Fingerprint card $14.75

Get Requirement Information by clicking here: