General Studies Program

How to Apply

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How to Apply

General Studies Program

Program Qualifications

First-Time College Students

  • 2.0 or Higher Cumulative High School GPA* or GED
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident

Transfer Students

  • 2.0 or Higher Cumulative College GPA*
  • At least 12 semester hours or 18 quarter hours of completed college coursework.
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident

*Optional Qualifications

  • ACT Composite – 19*
  • SAT Combined Total Score – 1010*  

*Students who do not meet the minimum qualifications may still apply and be considered for Provisional Admission. Additional materials may be requested such as a personal essay, reference letter, etc.

**Students who do not submit ACT or SAT test scores or do not meet the minimum ACT or SAT test score can still apply and be considered for Provisional Admission. 

REQUIRED documents

Completed Application for Admission

Official High School and/or College Transcripts from ALL Institutions Attended

  • Transcripts for admission to The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences MUST be submitted via MAIL or EMAIL from your high school, college/university, or a transcript service such as Parchment. Faxed transcripts will not be accepted.
  • Transcripts must be official and sealed. Copies will not be accepted.​
  • All transcripts originating in a foreign country must be translated and evaluated by World Education Services for a course-by-course level evaluation and calculated cumulative GPA. (


Fall Semester YR1 Course Title Credits Spring Semester YR1 Course Title Credits
FYE 102 Learning Foundations 2 BIO 112 Natural Science 4
BIO 111 Natural Science 4 ENG 315 Written & Oral Comm 3
ENG 101 Written & Oral Comm 3 STAT 201 Math & Data Analysis 3
MAT 105 Math & Data Analysis 3 SOC 101 Social & Behavioral Science 3
Summer Semester YR 1 Course Title Credits Fall Semester YR 2 Course Title Credits
CHEM 105 Natural Science 4 BIO 121 Natural Science 4
COM 102 Written & Oral Comm 3 COM 110 General Elective 3
PHI 103 Arts & Humanities 3 PSY 210 General Elective 3
PSY 110 Social & Behavioral Science 3 PHI 205 General Elective 3
Spring Semester YR 2 Course Title Credits
BIO 180 General Elective 3
BIO 300 General Elective 3
COM 315 General Elective 3
General Elective 3
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Program Cost Breakdown*

*Program costs are approximate and subject to change

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