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For over 120 years, The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences has served as a center of educational excellence in nursing and the health sciences, where students learn to deliver care and improve the health of their communities and the world.



A compact campus with substantial support! At The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences, our close-knit student community offers vibrant connections. You’ll discover a welcoming home here, with supportive peers, dedicated faculty, advisors, and engaging student organizations. Plus, you’ll be studying on The Christ Hospital’s main campus, providing you the opportunity to network with top healthcare professionals.

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Our campus visits go beyond the ordinary. It’s about you. We customize your visit, providing a glimpse into your future college life. You’ll have a personal session with an Admissions Counselor, explore the campus, and gain clarity with all your questions answered.

Student Life

Student organizations enhance your experience, offering opportunities to cultivate leadership and social skills while creating enduring memories. As a student leader, you’ll directly influence your educational journey, with chances to participate in diverse social, cultural, intellectual, recreational, and community activities.

Things To Do

Cincinnati offers a wealth of thrilling opportunities for every interest. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, history enthusiast, food lover, animal aficionado, or a devoted sports fan, our city is brimming with diverse activities and experiences to ensure your visit is truly unforgettable!


“As a transfer student, I chose The Christ College primarily for its excellent reputation and friendly environment, which creates an ideal learning atmosphere. I appreciate the college’s commitment to providing resources such as skills labs that offer practical training opportunities.”



“I chose The Christ College because my friends and past graduates spoke highly of its excellence. My intentions after graduation include working at the Veterans Affair Hospital in the Operating Room. I also aim to commission as a nurse in the U.S. Army, furthering my current military service.”

– SAM K.


“For me teaching is more than just getting students to pass the class. I want to empower them with knowledge and confidence. I want them to know that what they are learning here WILL make a difference in their lives and the patients we serve.”

– RACHEL MONROE | Assistant Professor, Practice Manager-Liberty AOC Manager


“I chose The Christ College because of its highly rated Nursing program. I’ve had a passion for nursing for a long time, and I’m excited to continue learning more from the faculty that make up this outstanding program. What I enjoy about the school is the hands-on lab experience, the appreciation the school has for their students, the classroom ratios, and the supportive staff.”

– Layloni O. 


“Working at The Christ College makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger! Our students will touch thousands of lives over the course of their careers. The ability to say I was a small part of their story fuels the work I do every day!”

– VICTORIA MORELL | Director of Career Management & Talent Partner


“I work at the Christ Hospital as a PCA (Patient Care Assistant) on 4 West, the inpatient Oncology unit, while attending classes. I was initially interested in this job, and specifically on this floor, because of my mom’s history with metastatic breast cancer, and because I wanted to gain experience in a field I will most likely work in once I graduate. It is a very rewarding role; being able to be there and support patients during this rough patch. It is truly a blessing to me!”

– Gracie S. 


“I choose The Christ College of Nursing because of the strong curriculum that they’ve created for all students. The 3-year, year-round program really drew me in, because I am able to finish my BSN degree in an adequate time frame. The Christ College has been a very diverse and inclusive college, which I love, and the professors make sure students are heard and really understand the material being taught. The Christ College of Nursing prepares us so well for current and future careers in healthcare.”

– Rayven G.


“I choose to transfer to The Christ College because I heard The Christ Hospital is a really great hospital to work at, and I like how The Christ College has a program on campus. I love how the college has small class sizes and great resources for my hearing disability! My main goal after graduation and passing the N-CLEX is to become a nurse on 5 South, the floor on which I currently work as a PCA [Patient Care Assistant]. I enjoy working with everyone there, and I am comfortable working on a Med-Surg unit. As a nurse, I want to motivate people who are hearing impaired or have special needs to do whatever they want to do!”



Join our community where professors and students become lifelong friends. Benefit from our unique partnership with The Christ Hospital Health while relishing the personal attention of a small university.


At The Christ College, tuition is based on a per credit hour rate. Students’ tuition costs will vary per semester based on the credit hours enrolled, allowing for flexibility in managing educational expenses.

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